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Things get hoppin' around dinnertime. We suggest checking out our menu before you come in.


Hungry for Lunch? Come to us.

A destination for easy-going foodies, Gastronomics serves up a wide selection of quality foods and drinks.

Shrimp Cocktail$15

A classic starter with the Gastronomic twist.

Ciabatta bread with garlic, bacon and mozzarella$16

Perfect combo to make special memories by.

Chef special saute mushroom with ciabatta garlic bread$16

Indulge yourself, because you deserve it.

fresh fettuccine pasta (vegetarian)$25

A vegeatarian delight.

Tiger Prawns Cooked with Garlic and mild chilli sauce$25

A year-round favorite, served with seasonal salad and garlic bread

Coromandel mussel chowder$20

From paddock to plate, if that paddock was located in the beautiful sea waters of the Coromandel.

Prime Beef Nachos$20

Harvested in their prime, these Nachos are a celebration of wholesome beef goodness.

Curry of the day$25

Enjoy the fresh ingredients cooked to perfection.

Salt and Pepper Calamari$20

Salt and Pepper Calamari is crispy, tender and perfectly seasoned.

chicken open sandwich$25

crispy fried free range chicken, garden salad, ciabatta garlic bread, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic aioli and potato fries.

fish and chips$25

fresh fish of the day in heineken beer batter with crispy fries and garden salad. A coastal delight.

Need to celebrate? Dine with us

Treat yourself to a night off and let our staff spoil you.


Five grain Ciabatta garlic bread$7

Freshly baked, freshly cooked.

Five grain Ciabatta garlic bread with bacon and mozzarella$13

Freshly baked, freshly cooked, with extras.

Chef special Coromandel mussel chowder$16

Served with ciabatta garlic bread

Sauteed mushrooms$14

with garlic, green herb, citrus and garlic ciabatta bread

Homemade Venison kofta kabab$15

home made venison dumplings, mint & coriander sauce

Salt & Pepper Calamari$14

Fresh greens, house citrus aioli

Shrimp Cocktail$16

Large marinated shrimps, house special sauce, fresh greens

Garlic Tiger Prawn$16

Panfried Tiger Prawns, mild Thai sweet chilli sauce, green herb, fresh greens.


Vegetarian Fettuccine Pasta$26

Fresh fettuccine pasta, vegetables, baby spinach, cream, herbs & parmesan cheese.
Recommended accompanying wine: Leveret Estate Chardonnay

Marinated Free Range Chicken, Oven Baked$34

Green herbs, mixed vegetable Rosti, baby spinach, tangy cranberry sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Falconhead Chardonnay

Prime Silver Fern Farm Beef Rib Eye, Panfried$40

Kumara and potato fries, seasonal salad, creamy mushroom sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Leveret Estate Pinot Noir

Prime Veal Tenderloins, Bacon Wrapped$40

Agaria gratin, baby spinach, mixed sauteed vegetables, rosemary red wine beef jus
Recommended accompanying wine: Diggers Law Pinot Noir

Akaroa Salmon Fillet, Home Smoked$40

Mixed vegetables rosti, baby spinach, citrus and fennel hollandaise
Recommended accompanying wine: Greyrock Pinot Gris

Fresh Fish of the Day$35

(Please ask your server for the chef's creation)
Recommended accompanying wine: Penny Lane Sauvignon Blanc

Heineken Beer Battered Fresh Fish$30

Seasonal salad, fries, tartare sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Grey Rock Sauvignon Blanc

Roast Duck$39

Herbed gourmet potato, assortment of sauteed vegetables, baby spinach, red wine ginger sweet soy sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Rawson's Retreat Shiraz Cabernet

Scallops, Panfried$48

A selection of fresh sauteed vegetables, gourmet potato, kumara, baby spinach, white wine green herb mornay sauce and green citrus sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Leveret Estate Viognier

5 Hour Braised Lamb Shank$36

Caramelised onion and bacon mash, kumara fries, baby spinach, and rosemary red wine beef jus
Recommended accompanying wine: Cathedral Cove Syrah

Authentic Curry of the Day$30

Served with rice & poppadum, mango chutney, seasonal salad
Recommended accompanying wine: Waimera Estate Riesling

Opoutere River White Bait Omelette$40

Garden salad, fries, tartare sauce
Recommended accompanying wine: Leveret Estate Pinot Gris


Potato Fries$6
Kumara Fries$9
Green Salad$6
Five grain Ciabatta Garlic Bread$7
Fresh Sauteed Vagetables$7

Children's Menu

Battered Fresh Fish with Fries$14
Chicken Tenders with Fries$12
Mini Hotdog with Fries$10
Popcorn Chicken Bites with Fries$12
Chicken Nuggets with Fries$10



Top off that meal

A little celebration after a great meal.

Baileys Pannacotta$17

"Yes, Yes, Yes", is our customers' favourite way of describing this dessert.

Lychee & Caramel Tart $17

Why not!

Cheesecake of the Day$17

You might think you're taking a chance, but every Cheesecake is specially chosen to please.

Rice & Coconut Pudding$16

(Rice, Coconut, Almond, Cashew, Pumpkin Seed, Cranberry)

Toffee and Date Steamed Pudding$15

Just like your Grandma used to make, but better.

Rich Chocolate Fudge Brownie$16

5 words to describe this, "Can I have another please?".


Comes in the following flavors: Chocolate, Caramel, Strawberry, Passion Fruit,  Boysenberry, Raspberry.



Feast your eyes on
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We strive to keep it real. In a world of fast elaborate food fads that come and go, we are all about the basics of taste and quality, done beautifully!!

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T. (07) 868 9406

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Lunch: 12 to 2pm

Tuesday to saturday.

Dinner:5:00pm onward except Sunday

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